2017 WUG
Lawn Bowls - Open

Bunbury Bowling Club

Address: 72 Forrest Ave, South Bunbury WA 6230, Australia


The Accreditaition Desk will be open 45 minutes prior to the first match of the day. All students MUST check in and have their accreditation scanned 15 minutes before their first match; it is the responsibility of the student to ensure they are early and ready as all matches will start on time

Team Duties

Team duty requirements for Lawn Bowls are:

One person from each team competing in the current match will be required to assist with scoring and One person from each team will be required to act as marker for the singles game

The person fulfilling the team duty requirements can be any competent person associated with that team or university and does not necessarily have to be a player e.g. team manager


  • Pool A

    • CU
    • UWA


Monday 3-7-2017
Time Score Teams Score LocationDuty 1Duty 2
9:00 1 UWA v CU 2 WUG17-Bunbury Bowls: 1,2,3UWACU
12:00 2 CU v UWA 1 WUG17-Bunbury Bowls: 1,2,3CUUWA

Tuesday 4-7-2017
Time Score Teams Score LocationDuty 1Duty 2
9:00 3 CU v UWA 0 WUG17-Bunbury Bowls: 1,2,3CUUWA
12:00 2 UWA v CU 1 WUG17-Bunbury Bowls: 1,2,3UWACU

Wednesday 5-7-2017
Time Score Teams Score LocationDuty 1Duty 2
12:00 0 UWA v CU 3 WUG17-Bunbury Bowls: 1,2,3UWACU